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Park Road - Live Music with Justin Castellano #Cantina1511Live

  • Cantina 1511 - Park Road 4271 Park Rd Charlotte, NC, 28209 United States (map)

Join us on the patio tonight for live music, cool drinks and fresh Mexican cuisine!  All entertainment is subject to change and weather conditions.  

About Justin Castellano

A lot of people play guitar, a lot of people play music in general. But the overall question isn’t who can play music? Music isn’t what most people think. Anyone can play a song or songs and it doesn’t matter what genre or musical hero you listen to or admire at this moment. You could sit down and learn it within a matter of time.

Justin Castellano.jpg

Music is emotion, it is feeling, it is everyone’s tears along with your own, it is laughter, it is the wind in your face on warm summer evening awaiting the storm to come and pass. A wise man once said, “music is spiritual.” If you have ever felt the spirituality of music then I know a man who would touch your soul.

Justin Castellano has played. He has played. He has played and played and played, searching for “music,” studying with any and everyone from masters in master classes to professors in classical guitar, studio musicians, to the every day players that had a different way of thinking about music, basically anyone that had ideas of something that he felt had something to say that he wanted to know.

Starting with his father, Ronnie Castellano, a man who had moved to small town North Carolina before Justin was born to get away from the circus of the city. Whose chords and melodies of folk tunes ranging from Cat Stevens, Bob Dylan, to Jim Croce, and lead licks from Eric Clapton and BB-King along with many other folk and blues artists, were just music and a taste of heaven to a little Justin’s ears. This was magic to this boy of 12 years old. Who would know what was to become of this young Castellano.

Searching for his home, his voice in the music world just trying to survive most like any other working musicians, but something slightly different was brewing for this young man now to be pushing 18.

Moving to Pittsburgh to find his passion, he learned the tricks of the trade. Realizing life isn’t just learning of life in music but living a life you choose, he moved back to North Carolina. Taking classical guitar lessons from Dr. Eliot Frank of East Carolina University, studying music at ECU for several years and performing with musical groups of any and every genre of music be it rock, pop, R&B, funk, jazz, country, bluegrass, and pursuing his solo ambitions of eastern, middle-eastern, finger-style, gypsy jazz, and finally coming into his own in his mid 20’s. Becoming his own artist; something of everything, making a lush musical stew of the notes you feel as magical sounds of emotions and skill and taste (virtuosity even, if you would).

Justin Castellano has pushed the boundaries of every musical style, meshing them together. His style has technically been around for centuries; right underneath everyone’s nose, and he just happen to break the code of the musical enlightenment that every artist searches for, that freedom of your instrument and yet always searching to critique or correct.

This is Justin Castellano, a modest man that doesn’t want to push you but to let you unlock your own musical code within yourself, just as he did. All it takes is a little time.