Salmon Al Pastor

Salmon Al Pastor

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Back in 2004 Cantina 1511 opened its doors at 1511 East Blvd, with the promise to serve the good souls of Charlotte with consistently outstanding Mexican fare.  In a world where promises are often made but seldom delivered, this was the exception. The food and service were excellent and more surprisingly; consistent. As the years passed the standards of food and service have improved largely through our genuine commitment to excellence in hospitality.

Cantina 1511 continues to “Bring more to the table than good food” as we expand our vision. Not only to continue our endeavours to live up to that original promise but also to elevating our ideals in the procurement of our produce, creativity in its preparation and in service to our guests, our community and beyond.

Our People

Every one of us is committed to our shared vision, understands our responsibilities and are accountable to our guests, one another, our community and beyond.

We endeavour to run our restaurants responsibly both from the culinary perspective and commercially, without a commitment to the economic underpinnings of the restaurants we cannot achieve the high ideals we aspire to, nor maintain and grow our team. We jointly take responsibility for stewardship of our budgets and work diligently one meal at time to sustain vigorous yet manageable growth.

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General Manager - Matt Brandle


General Manager - Vince Ponzio



General Manager - Karen May

Food Philosophy 

A tapestry of flavor, color, aromas and textures happening in a joyous and friendly atmosphere. Authenticity is the watchword but there is no slavish obedience to a specific creed that prevents a tilt to embrace the pleasingly unexpected. 

The Ingredients – We all live off the land in balance with our environment and the seasons, even if we don’t till or plant. It is therefore imperative that we respect our relationships not only with the people who grow our food, but with the very soil that nurtures it.  Our goal is to serve food made from quality fresh ingredients grown by people that we know and trust.

Sustainability is about the relationships we develop with members of our community and it is driven by their creativity, resourcefulness and energy, for without it we would not be viable

There is no love sincerer than the love of food.
— George Bernard Shaw