Introducing The Cocoa Chile Rubbed NY Strip

The NY strip is a new addition that was our feature on Valentine's Day. It was such a tremendous hit and we have had so many requests for it to return that we had to bring it back.   How can you say no to an 8 oz. In Mexican cuisine, you most certainly will find similar flavors. Chiles are one of the main ingredients in almost every dish.

Cocoa Chile Rubbed NY Strip

Cocoa Chile Rubbed NY Strip

The Guajillo (pronounced gwah-HEE-yoh) pepper and the Ancho pepper are two of the most common chiles used. The Guajillo pepper is the dried form of the the mirasol chile, and the Ancho pepper is the dried form of the Poblano. We combine the two to get a sweet smoky flavor with just a slight amount of heat, which is then coupled with cocoa powder to make the rub for the strip steak. The NY Strip is served with roasted potatoes, sauteed spinach and rajas, with a Mango butter poached lobster Salpicon. It's like getting surf and turf but so much better.


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