Park Road Here We Come

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By now I’m sure most of you have heard that our Dilworth Cantina 1511 on East Boulevard will be relocating to the Park Road Shopping center this coming summer.

If I could say one thing in regards to this move, I would remind everyone that we will always have one thing on our minds while preparing authentic Mexican cuisine and that is, the best, most fresh ingredients we can find for the best, most fresh audience in the Queen City and beyond!

No matter where we are located, the food, the feel, and the staff can be expected to wow you every step of the way. And if we don’t do so then we aren’t doing our job.

I hope everyone is nothing but excited to see what the team at Cantina 1511 has in store for this great city, as we work even harder to improve our craft and turn taco lovers into Cantina 1511 addicts!!! Park Road here we come! Cheers y Buenas Ondas!