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Introducing Pescado en Mojo

Pescado en Mojo

Pescado en Mojo

At Cantina 1511 everything is fresh, and that is what sets us apart from a lot of our competitors. Our fish comes in daily, and everything from the chips and salsa down to the beans and rice is made fresh in our kitchen, and our new Pescado en Mojo is no exception.  The Pescado en Mojo is a fantastic light summer dish where the fish changes daily.  Today it may be Swordfish or Mahi-Mahi with their mild flavors or it could be Red Snapper with its distinctive sweet and nutty flavor. The Roasted Corn and Jalapeno Croquetas add the perfect amount of crunch to this remarkably flavorful dish.

Pan Seared Fresh Catch with Mango Mojo #Meatless #EastBlvd

Lent started on Wednesday.  That means that for some of us, Fridays are now meatless.  But, that doesn't mean that all of your options are gone.  At  the Cantina 1511 on East Blvd. we are serving up an extremely tasty Pan Seared Fresh Catch with Mango Mojo, which we hope will be a staple on our Spring/Summer menu.  The Pan Seared Fresh Catch features Fresh White fish pan seared and served with sweet corn & poblano croquettas, herb roasted calabasita, and Mango Mojo.  Garnished with Tega Hills Micro Cilantro tossed in an Arbol Vinaigrette.