Sidewalk Antojitos

March Madness has begun, with #MunchMadness

Pig Wing Carnitas

Pig Wing Carnitas

The Charlotte Observer's annual Tournament of Food enters its seventh year, and we could not be happier. This year, the focus is on Charlotte’s best appetizer. And we were nominated for our Sidewalk Antojitos. While our guacamole was voted #5 in the nation, we love that our Sidewalk Antojitos were nominated. Antojitos literally translates to “little cravings” and we could not agree more. Our antojitos, as well as our Chefs are inspired by the rich street food culture of Mexico City.  

Variety is the spice of life you, never know what you are going to get, since the chefs create a new antojito every day.  One day it could be pig wings, black bean nachitos, oaxaca wrap, and fried plantains. The next day it’s four completely different options, with a bonus of each restaurant doing their own thing.  The antojitos that our Dilworth (East Blvd.) location have, are completely different than our Ballantyne (Stonecrest) location.

You can read about the current tournament here and check out our events calendar updated daily with the Antojitos. Stop in to either location to try our antojitos today, and don’t forget to vote.