Thanksgiving Leftovers


Our Chefs have created a handful of dishes utilizing our “Thanksgiving leftovers”. If you haven’t fulfilled your turkey cravings Cantina 1511 has you covered. Everything from Turkey. Carnitas Tortas and Burritos filled with habanero-cranberry jam and roasted garlic mashed potatoes and topped with Homestyle chipotle gravy to the ever popular Spiced Turkey Nachos with Cranberry Orange Chutney, Avocado-Pico de Gallo and Habanero Crema.

Join us this weekend and early next week for a continuation of American Tradition with a hearty Mexican twist!!

The Best Fried Turkey You Have Never Had #CantinaThanksgiving


All week (11/25-12/1) we will be serving up Carnitas de Pavo at both Cantina 1511 locations!! Our pulled turkey is slow cooked in mantecca, then caramel glazed and seared crispy. We serve this amazing turkey feast with shaved cabbage, fresh avocado-pico de gallo, habanero crema, pickled yucatan onions and three warm flour tortillas. And its all only $11.50. Our goal is to get everybody in the mood for the traditional American holiday with some authentic Mexican cookery! You can never have enough turkey this time of year and we promise this is not you Dad’s fried turkey. It’s better!!